KEIGHLEY-district businesses looking to reopen as coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased have been warned by Yorkshire Water to carry out some simple checks.

The company says that with taps and other water sources in buildings being out of use for some time, stagnation may have occurred – which can cause potentially-fatal diseases such as Legionnaires.

People are advised to run water, give customer and staff toilets a couple of flushes, check sink gullies for any possible problems and flush drains.

Yorkshire Water is also offering cost-saving tips.

Spokesman Chriss Duffy said: “It has been a really difficult time, with every business facing its own challenges during the Covid-19 outbreak.

“As workplaces begin to reopen, we want to remind our customers to look after their water systems and ensure they are safe for reopening – and maybe save water whilst doing so. By making some small adjustments, businesses can reduce their water usage.”

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