IT occurs to us that Keighley is full of unsung Captain Toms and Ian Dewhirsts, to one degree or another, and it’s about time we preserved not just their names but what they both epitomise: doing something about it.

The future of this small patch of grass in North Street is a cause we can all do something about if we work together.

To Bradford Council it’s a potential money-spinner – they sell it to a developer and get money to spend on who-knows-what, who-knows-where, and then they spend our taxes paying to rent the building back. But to us, the people of Keighley, it could mean so much more.

Why don’t we start by attempting to get the land registered as an asset of community value? It means making a case to Bradford Council to have it registered but if the land is on the Community Asset Register and Bradford Council finds a buyer, it has to give us six weeks to declare an interest and - having done that – a further six months to come up with an alternative plan before they are allowed to dispose of the land to a developer. The simplest way to get the land registered is to form a voluntary, unincorporated organisation of not less than 21 members with a constitution, officers and bank account.

We suggest calling it An Independent Voice for Keighley so we've set-up a gmail account in that name -

We're willing, what about you?

JANE LEE, High Fold Lane, Utley

JAVAID AKTHAR, Sandywood Street, Keighley

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