POLITICS is one of those things where, no matter what you do, there will always be some level of criticism directed at you.

That is the nature of our democracy. We live in a society where people have the right to say their views, as they should, and rarely will anything get universal praise or acceptance. The sign recently put-up on the old college site, honouring Captain Tom Moore, is a perfect example of this democratic principle in action.

Some have called it "ugly", "weird looking" and an "eyesore". Others have called it "colourful", "lovely" and "bright". Neither side are necessarily wrong, it is their personal opinion after all. For example, I rather like it and appreciate the effort which has gone into it. The gesture comes from the right place, it is something interesting and different to look at. It will only be up temporarily, so let's try to enjoy it while it is there.

While some may dislike it, it should be said that it is vastly more appealing as a feature than the proposed Bradford Council hub that is meant to be going on the site. That, unlike this sign, will be a permanent, ugly, waste of space, monolithic mess that no one wants or has asked for.

Therefore, let us simply enjoy the fact that, for the next seven months at least, we will only have this sign to look at. After it is gone, and the work on the new hub potentially begins, perhaps we will all think that the sign was a worthwhile feature of the town after all.


Oakworth Ward, Keighley Town Council

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