A MASSIVE operation to tackle drugs crime across the region has been welcomed in Keighley.

The initiative ­– headed by the National Crime Agency, with support from the police – led to the seizure in this region of nearly £3 million in cash, ten firearms and over 120kg of drugs.

Seventy people were arrested.

Keighley MP Robbie Moore praises the efforts of the agency and police officers.

“This major operation shows that our agencies will not allow criminals to bring weapons and drugs to our streets,” he said.

“I recently raised the issue of drug dealing on Keighley’s streets in the House of Commons with our Prime Minister and he assured me this is a matter the Government is taking seriously. I am delighted to see that the proof of this is in the pudding.

“Of course this is an early victory in a war that is ongoing.”

Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Osman Khan, of West Yorkshire Police, said the scale of the operation was unprecedented and had “landed a devastating blow” to those involved in serious and organised crime throughout the region.

“This shows people involved in this type of illegal activity that their actions will not be tolerated,” he added.