THE former Exchange Vaults public house features in all these scenes, captured within a period spanning about two decades.

The pub – in High Street, Keighley – can be seen to the right in the first photo.

The street was packed for the visit of General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, who was touring the country.

Note the building – occupied by E Thomson, decorator – where the roundabout now stands.

General Booth, always eager to make use of new technology, began his first motor tour in August, 1904, travelling from Land’s End to Aberdeen.

Six more motor tours followed.

Then in the spring of 1905, en route to Australia and New Zealand, he visited the Holy Land and many biblical sites.

The second photo is a bleak shot of the Exchange Vaults, taken in around 1890.

And the third picture, dating from about 1910, is of the then landlady – a Mrs Ramsbottom – and her daughter.

All the photos were supplied by Kevin Seaton, of Riddlesden.