AS a businessman in Keighley for over 44 years, I must agree with Councillor Pennington when he states Keighley is a dying town.

The council seems to have an obsession with cycle lanes, pedestrian precincts and sound systems in Cavendish Street. What they should be doing is making it easier for small businesses and not burdening them with high rates and charges such as the Keighley BID.

Has the cost of the Keighley BID ever been published? I challenge the council to publish the monies it collects from businesses in Keighley, the total administration costs (including salaries) and the expenditure (what is given back).

I wrote recently objecting to the idea of closing Cavendish Street and making it a pedestrian precinct with cycle lanes. If they do proceed with this and install a sound system, we will have even more layabouts drinking, shouting and urinating in doorways than we have now.

Then Keighley will not be dying, it will be dead.

Thank you Mr Pennington for talking sense, telling it as it is. It is about time that Bradford Council listened to someone who has proven commercial knowledge. If they do listen, then Keighley will be great again.

DENNIS PAGDIN Chairman, Rotherwod (1976) Ltd, Cavendish Street, Keighley

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