NORTH Street – one of the main routes through Keighley’s town centre – has certainly seen its fair share of changes over the years.

Today’s traffic-packed thoroughfare is a far cry from the tranquil setting of a century-and-a-half ago.

But, as these pictures – supplied by Kevin Seaton, of Riddlesden – illustrate, in certain regards the general vista hasn’t actually changed that much, and definitely not beyond recognition.

And somewhat ironically, now that we at least temporarily have an open space where latterly the college stood, the long-range view towards Skipton Road in the oldest image – with the hills in the distance – most closely matches the outlook we enjoy today.

The most noticeable landmark in the 1950s photo which is no longer part of the scene is the Mechanics Institute, with its prominent clock tower.

The building was opened in 1870 and became a popular and well-used venue.

But it was extensively damaged by fire in 1962 and demolition took place five years later.