I AM a retired lorry driver spending my time in the shed, making things from old wooden planks!

Even my front garden fence is made from old pallets.

In the winter months I 'mess about' with a model railway in the spare room, whilst my wife watches TV.

Anyway, to the point of this letter. I make signs, locomotive nameplates and station names – sometimes made-up names.

My front garden is littered with them.

I try to sell them for £5 each, with all the proceeds going to RNLI funds.

These nameplates are almost the same size as originals.

You'll notice one of them is 'Captain Sir Thomas Moore'. We all know of course that there isn't a loco named after him (although who knows, in the future?), but I would like this to be in Keighley if possible – it wouldn't look out of place on a wall or fence. Anyone interested can contact me on 01274 410237. I'm happy to deliver.

On a separate note, I made a Bradford Pals sign. May I ask if there was a Keighley or Skipton Pals? If so, I would be happy to produce a sign.



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