HISTORIC Dalton Mills in Keighley has been captured in a different light.

An urban photographer, who runs the Facebook page Lost Places & Forgotten Faces, visited the Grade II listed complex.

Dalton Mills was once the largest textile mill in the region, employing more than 2,000 people.

It was built by Joseph Craven in 1869, replacing the original mill.

In its heyday it provided jobs for workers from all over Keighley and the Worth Valley.

The mill has been used numerous times for filming movies and TV shows, including Peaky Blinders. In 2015, some areas of the mill were used in the filming of the horror-mystery movie The Lighthouse Golem. Parts of the film set still remain

The explorer, who is from Leeds, said: “The mill offered more surprises and hidden secrets than I could have ever expected to find.

“From old documents and newspapers to a mannequin that had its limbs sawn off!

“I’ve passed Dalton Mills numerous times and have always wanted to see what was inside.

“Sometimes you just never know what to expect, and Dalton Mills was certainly one of those explores.

“Hidden away in the basement, I stumbled across a completely breathtaking room full of old stage props and sets, including a huge dungeon room.

“I visited during the daytime. I prefer daytime explores as I rely heavy on daylight for my captures and photography.”

The urban photographer has a strong presence on social media. His Facebook page has more than 15,000 likes and his Instagram page has almost 6,000 followers.

He has visited a series of district sites, and added: “I am an urban photographer and adventure seeker who spends most of his free time documenting locations throughout Yorkshire.

“Since starting this journey in November 2019, I have visited and documented 125 locations. Many of those have been in Bradford.”