A WOMAN has been jailed for 18 months after a man was punched and kicked in a violent street robbery.

Dawn Caswell and a female accomplice set upon their victim at 3am in Low Street, Keighley.

The incident unfolded after the victim had been to a nightclub, Bradford Crown Court heard.

After they had approached him, he took out his wallet to give them a small amount of money to get rid of them.

One of the women then grabbed the wallet and they ran off, the court heard.

The man gave chase and caught the robber but her accomplice attacked him, kicking and punching him until he went to the ground.

He managed to hang on to his phone, the court was told

However, his wallet containing up to £80 was stolen.

The man immediately rang the police.

He was taken to hospital after banging his head when he fell.

He suffered a bump on the head and bruising in the incident, which happened on June 24, 2018, the court was told.

The victim chanced on the women in the street a fortnight later and photographed them.

They were arrested and Caswell, aged 46, of Parkwood Rise, Keighley, made no comment when she was questioned by the police officers, the court heard.

She went on to plead guilty to robbery on the day of her trial.

The man said in his victim personal statement that he had felt down after the mugging.

He was sore and bruised, the court heard.

And he had also suffered sleepless nights, the statement went on to reveal.

He had become introverted and did not want to go out any more, the court heard.

Caswell had no previous convictions for robbery but she was currently serving a sentence in HMP Newhall, located in the Flockton area, near Wakefield, for other less serious offences, the court heard.

Her barrister, Shufqat Khan, said she was leading a different lifestyle at the time of the robbery.

She was homeless and misusing drugs.

She had mental health problems and because of the Covid-19 pandemic, she was locked in her cell for most of the time.

“This has given her time to reflect and she wants to put her offending behind her,” Mr Khan said.

Judge Jonathan Rose said it was a sad case.

Caswell had a long history of offending but he conceded she had mental health problems and issues with drugs.

Her co-accused had been given a suspended prison sentence for the robbery and she had kept out of trouble since.

In August last year, a judge deferred sentence on Caswell to give her a chance to stay out of trouble.

But since then she had committed some further offences, the court was told.

It was also stated that she had failed to attend court hearings.