MOBILE CCTV cameras are being introduced in Keighley.

The equipment will be used to target hotspot areas for anti-social behaviour and crime.

Behind the initiative is Keighley Town Council ­– whose watch and transport committee is using part of its budget to fund the scheme – in partnership with Incommunities.

Councillor Javaid Akhtar, committee chairman, said: “I am happy that Incommunities will be working with our council in its endeavours to keep areas safe, by tackling anti-social behaviour and crime hotspots with the camera scheme. As we know with fixed-camera CCTV, once people know of its location the problem can move to another place.The advantage of mobile cameras is that we have the flexibility to relocate them to wherever the problems are.”

An Incommunities spokesman said: “We are delighted to be working with the town council and sharing our resources to help respond to localised cases of nuisance and anti-social behaviour. We are committed to combatting such activities.”