RAIL operator Northern – which runs services on the Airedale line – is now offering passengers live information about its trains.

Customers can find out what model of train they’ll be catching, how many carriages it has and what facilities are onboard – including whether there are at-seat power/USB sockets.

Northern has teamed-up with Realtime Trains to provide the Know Your Train service.

Matt Clarke, Northern’s control communications manager, said: “It’s great that we’ve been able to work with Realtime Trains to provide our customers with this level of detail.

“We operate 17 different types of train and have more than 370 trains running across our network. It can, therefore, be quite confusing for customers who may not know which train is going to operate their particular service.

“We’ve been working hard to refurbish our older stock and introduce 100 new trains and now our customers will be able to tell, before the train arrives at the station, what facilities will be available to them.”

Tom Cairns, owner of Realtime Trains, said: “I’m delighted that Northern has become the latest operator to support Know Your Train. We’re pleased to be able to help customers be more informed.”

For more details and to access the facility, visit realtimetrains.co.uk.