THE YORKSHIRE Party is claiming only powerful devolution to English regions can reunite and even up the UK, in the wake of the dispute between Andy Burnham and the Government.

Party leader, Bob Buxton, said: “There should never have been any conflict between national government and local government, it should have been a decision for locally elected politicians to make. But Westminster hogs the vast majority of England’s resources and holds the purse strings tight, where the North is concerned. We need powerful devolution to regional parliaments, accountable to the people of the North.”

“We already know it can work. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland prove it and they have all chosen to extend free school meals through half term. I believe the people of England would like to do the same – and are trying to do so through amazing charitable acts – but we have no powers to resist Westminster’s will.”

“Rather than divide, devolution can reunite England and the whole UK. It’s about mutual respect for local views and being treated equally. The lack of regional powers in England is dividing the country. The Yorkshire Party will keep campaigning for a stronger Yorkshire in a stronger, fairer United Kingdom.”