A CHARITY has issued tips to Keighley-district dog owners ahead of Bonfire Night.

The Dogs Trust is offering advice on how to help your pet cope with potentially-distressing fireworks.

Jenna Kiddie, for the trust, says: “For many dogs and their owners, firework season is always one they dread.

“But this year, dog owners are faced with the added worry that more fireworks will be set off in the local neighbourhood due to large-scale gatherings being cancelled.”

Advice includes:

* Walk your dog before dark – make sure your dog is well-exercised and has had a toilet break before the fireworks begin

* Feed your dog before the fireworks start as it may become unsettled and not want to eat during the fireworks

* Make sure your house and garden are secure as fear may make your dog try to escape

* Try to settle your dog before the fireworks start – if your dog is in familiar, safe surroundings it will help them cope with the noise

* Provide a safe hiding place – make sure your dog has somewhere safe in their favourite room, perhaps under a table. Close curtains, turn lights on and turn up the volume on your TV or radio to drown out firework noises and to protect against flashing lights outside

For more, visit dogstrust.org.uk/fireworks.