A COMMUNITY stalwart who took-up pencil sketching as a hobby during lockdown now has one of his pieces on display at Keighley’s Cliffe Castle cafe.

Charlie Bhowmick has produced more than 50 drawings since turning to the pastime.

Two were accepted for an exhibition at Keighley Creative, in Hanover Street.

And one, featuring the Cliffe Castle cafe, has been presented to be displayed there.

“I was surprised but delighted that my work was accepted for the exhibition and I’m so pleased that visitors to the cafe will be able to enjoy that drawing,” said Charlie.

“I only took-up the pencil drawing to help occupy myself when lockdown began – I’d never done it before.

“It’s a lovely pastime. I’ll visit Cliffe Castle and Devonshire parks and draw trees and buildings.

“My drawing is purely a hobby ­– not a commercial venture – and I get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

“But I’m so pleased that other people are also enjoying seeing what I have created and deriving pleasure from it. It’s very rewarding.”