DEMENTIA Friendly Keighley is seeking people willing to plate-up and deliver a Christmas Day meal to someone in need.

The charity says this Christmas will be difficult for many families, but will be extra tough for people who live alone or may have been self-isolating.

Julie Lintern, manager of Dementia Friendly Keighley, said “For many years I’ve volunteered to co-ordinate a community Christmas using Central Hall. That’s not able to go ahead this year, but the need is greater than ever for people to feel valued and not forgotten about.

“We need to come together and support each other to get through this. It would be great if we could harness the community spirit we felt when we united by clapping on our doorsteps.”

Anyone interested in helping is asked to email Once enough people willing to help have come forward, the charity will work with partner agencies and community leaders to identify potential recipients of the dinners.

For more about the charity, visit or search Dementia Friendly Keighley on social media.