ANGER has erupted at the loss of parking spaces for the disabled in Keighley town centre.

Town councillor Andrea Walker has raised the issue, saying there is an ever-decreasing number of designated bays available.

She spoke out after a cycle rack in the disabled car park next to Keighley Town Hall was repositioned, taking away more spaces. One space had already been removed in Cooke Street.

“I can’t understand why there’s a cycle rack in that car park anyway – it makes no sense at all,” said Cllr Walker.

“There are already ample facilities for cyclists around the town centre area.

“The disabled are being penalised.

“Another couple of spaces have been removed from the side of Keighley nearest to the banks and shopping centre.

“Bradford Council says the disabled car park is underused. Usage probably did drop when we went into national lockdown in March, but before then and since it is used all the time.”

Also concerned about the situation is Keighley man David Nicholson, a carer for his disabled brother.

“It is becoming so difficult to find disabled spaces to park close to the shops in the centre of Keighley,” he said.

“It’s become almost easier to travel miles out of town to do your shopping.”

He approached Keighley MP Robbie Moore about the situation, who in turn raised it with Bradford Council.

The Keighley News contacted the council, but at the time of going to press it hadn’t responded.

However, in a letter to the MP, it says one disabled space has been removed from the vicinity of the town hall.

It adds: “The reason for the removal is that the bay was underused and was proving detrimental to local businesses.

“As the space was underused, it made sense to open that availability for general use.

“There are still disabled parking spaces on Bow Street, Cooke Street and Town Hall Street.”

Disabled parking nationally hit the headlines in September.

Data released to comparison site revealed there was only one council-owned accessible parking bay for every 38 blue badge holders. Less than 2,000 new spaces had been created despite a surge in blue badge applications of over 30,000.

The full data is available at