I WOULD like to thank the town council and the many organisations and folks of the town for their magnificent efforts during remembrance week.

On the 11th of the 11th, I popped across to Keighley to pay my silent respects to old friends, not expecting anyone to be there at the war memorial due to Covid.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see Keighley College students in attendance and placing a wreath to remember those who died on all our behalves.

Lest we forget many thousands of lads in the Indian sub continent, elsewhere in the Commonwealth, the USA, Africa and the Caribbean who volunteered in both the first and second world wars to come and fight in our defence – some of whom sadly lost their lives.

Captain Sir Tom Moore can stand proud to have been born in this patriotic town.

Too many of our current politicians 'want to move on' and ignore the past.

Those who ignore history repeat the mistakes of history.

My very best wishes to you all.


Former soldier


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