KEIGHLEY MP Robbie Moore has called on the Government to press for a UN-led investigation into allegations of genocide by the Indian authorities in Kashmir.

Speaking in Parliament, Mr Moore said the situation in the region was “harrowing”.

It is claimed that several hundred Kashmiris have been killed and many more injured, plus hundreds of homes destroyed, since special status for Kashmir was revoked. It’s also alleged that thousands of people have been arrested “without due cause”.

“We have a duty as a world-leading country to demand that an investigation is undertaken to hear the allegations of human rights abuses from both sides of the line of control - but particularly from the Indian side,” said Mr Moore.

“A number of local organisations and individuals have contacted me over the past 12 months in relation to this issue. I know it is close to the hearts of many of my constituents who originated from Kashmir.

“I would like to see UN human rights officials get access to both sides of the line of control, to find out the facts.”