TAI chi is being introduced to more people across the world thanks to a Keighley business.

Discover Tai Chi has won two new contracts, which are seeing online wellness sessions being delivered globally.

One recent event welcomed participants from as far away as Austria, Germany, Dubai and Ukraine.

Tai chi combines flowing movements with breathing and relaxation, helping people to manage their mental wellbeing.

Philip Sheridan and Helen Parsons, of Discover Tai Chi, say uptake of the online courses has soared during the pandemic as greater focus has been placed on people’s physical and mental health.

The new contracts are with Bridge Partners Ltd – a London-based IT support specialist – and Doctify.com, an online health review platform.

Helen says: “The impact of Covid has meant that mental health and wellness has become a significant health concern – and this has led employers to consider a more holistic approach in how they support employees’ wellbeing.

“We are delighted to be working with a wide range of businesses, including Bridge Partners and Doctify, which have adapted and adopted new ways of working and looking after their employees – many of whom are working remotely.

“We have had some fantastic feedback, with a couple of participants saying how their team had been ‘buzzing’ after our first session and that our sessions had struck a balance between being physically active and mindful aware. The activities can be done seated or standing and are easily adapted so that everyone can join in.”

Helen adds that their bespoke programmes are based on movements originating from China.

Philip says: “Tai chi is highly accessible; you don’t need any special equipment or clothing and its slow/measured movements are designed to be safe for anyone to take part in.

“We are delighted to have secured the new contracts and to be working with both Doctify and Bridge Partners in helping them bring a more mindful presence to their workplaces – whether that’s in their offices or home-based workspaces.”

Helen Reid, from Bridge Partners, said the sessions had proved hugely popular.

She added: “We value workplace wellness at Bridge Partners because it has a direct, positive impact on our employees’ mental health and wellbeing. Participating in activities together promotes effective teamwork, better work relationships and increased creativity whilst reducing levels of stress. Our employees have loved the classes – the sessions have provided the perfect opportunity to take a moment for ourselves and help us focus on our mental wellbeing.”

For more details, visit discovertaichi.uk.