IS Bradford Council completely bonkers?

To want to build a 'hub' on the site of the former Keighley College at an estimated cost of £19 million, which will no doubt end-up costing much more, is not in the best interest of what most Keighley people want.

There are many empty buildings built in beautiful stonework nearby which, with money spent on them, could adequately serve as a hub. Yes it would cost a lot of money but would surely be cheaper than a new build which, if it is anything like the Steeton hub, would be a blot on the landscape.

For Bradford Council to say there are green spaces nearby is ludicrous. Town Hall Square is a lovely area and Church Green is quite pleasant but to bring Cliffe Castle and Devonshire Park into the equation is plain daft. Cliffe Castle is a lovely park and well worth a visit, but it is too far away from the town centre, which is in dire need of brightening-up.

A town-centre green space is likely to attract more people to Keighley town centre and provide somewhere to relax near to transport links for those visiting from out of town.

For anyone with mobility issues or the elderly, Cliffe Castle is too far out for it to be accessible from the town centre.

Please think again Bradford Council and give Keighley people what they want, not what you want.

Susan Pyrah, Steeton

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