AN art trail is being created in Keighley for Lent.

From this week, a new piece of artwork will be installed in the Keighley Shared Church graveyard every Thursday, telling a different part of Jesus' journey to the cross and then the joy of Easter morning.

The Rev Natasha Thomas says the series of five artworks – made by members of Keighley parish – aims to encourage people to "reflect and think about the journey Christ took and their own personal journey towards Easter".

Each piece will include a QR code, providing a link to conversations between the Archbishop and the Archdeacon of Canterbury.

"This year as a parish we thought we'd do something different for Easter by using art and personal reflection on five Stations of the Cross installed in the centre of Keighley," said the Rev Thomas.

"The Stations of the Cross have formed part of Christian devotion at Passiontide for many centuries, because they enable us to engage actively with the path of suffering walked by Jesus.

"They originated when early Christians visited Jerusalem and wanted to literally follow in the footsteps of Jesus, tracing the path from Pilate’s house to Calvary. They would pause for prayer and devotion at various points. Eventually those pilgrims took the practice back to their home countries and ever since then Christians of differing traditions have used this form of devotion.

"Last year and this have been incredibly hard for many. We wanted to offer a space for people to come and reflect using art as a starting point."