I HOPE none of your readers find themselves in the same position as I did on Monday, March 15 at 9.30am.

Whilst driving along the A629 Halifax Road from Flappit Springs in the direction of Manywells Brow a vehicle coming towards me started to drift onto my side of the road. As it got nearer I realised that the driver was going to collide with my car and I tried to take avoiding action but too late. He hit the side of my vehicle – causing extensive damage – and then drove off. He made no attempt to stop and see if myself or my wife were injured and he gave me no chance to take a registration number.

His wing mirror was dislodged at the scene and I have been able to ascertain that the vehicle is either a Peugeot or Citroen mini people carrier in mid to dark blue and was registered in 2014. His vehicle must be damaged and I appeal to anyone who may have dashcam footage or may have seen this collision to contact me – on john.conquest@btinternet.com.

Also, if any local body repairers have been asked to give a quote or have done repairs to this vehicle please contact me.

This person has so far cost me my insurance excess and my insurance premium will go up next year.

I also appeal to the driver to do the right thing and notify the authorities regarding this matter.

John Conquest, Haworth

* A West Yorkshire Police spokesman confirms: "We received a report of a collision which happened on Flappit Springs in Keighley on March 15.

"One vehicle was driving along the A629 towards Halifax when another vehicle collided with it.

"There was extensive damage to the car, including wing mirror damage and scratches.

"The second vehicle did not stop at the scene."