A CHARITY is seeking volunteers in this area to help spread the word about its work.

The NSPCC is appealing for people to become ‘social media champions’.

Working from home, the champions use their own social media accounts to promote the organisation and issues that have a major impact on children’s welfare.

Jackie Dawson, for the NSPCC, said: “We know there are lots of people who really want to get involved with our work and make an impact on the lives of children across the country, but with all the challenges of the last year it’s been difficult for some to commit to long hours – and meetings and events have had to be cancelled or go online.

“The role of volunteer social media champion gives people the opportunity to get involved with the work we do through sharing information with their friends, families and communities online.

“Our social media champions share information about the NSPCC’s work and the challenges we face to protect children, as well as about fundraising activities, appeals and important petitions.

“And they also get to be part of a community of volunteers right across Yorkshire, where we have regular meetings and updates and offer opportunities to learn more about safeguarding children.”

For more about the role, or other volunteering opportunities with the charity, email jackie.dawson@nspcc.org.uk.