EIGHTY-nine per cent of people who responded to a survey said there should be some form of memorial in Keighley to Captain Sir Tom Moore.

And half of respondents felt the tribute to the Keighley-born fundraising hero should take the form of both a permanent memorial and a legacy project.

In relation to the type of memorial, 47 per cent were in favour of a garden/open space whilst 36 per cent opted for a statue.

More than half of the 324 respondents said the permanent memorial should be on the former college site in North Street.

With regards to an annual legacy scheme, 47 per cent of people felt it ought to be an engineering scholarship, 18 per cent a STEM project and 16 per cent an armed forces grant.

Captain Sir Tom Moore captured the nation’s hearts last year when he walked laps of his garden to celebrate his 100th birthday and raise money for NHS charities. He coined-in more than £32m.

Following Captain Sir Tom’s death earlier this year, Keighley MP Robbie Moore set-up a memorial commission which instigated the survey to gauge what type of tribute residents wanted.

“These results make very interesting reading,” said Mr Moore. “I am grateful to everyone who took part.

“It is clear that Captain Tom holds a dear place in everybody’s hearts. People from Keighley are very proud of his links to the town and I’ve been told by the Captain Tom Foundation that Keighley held a special place in his heart.

“Another key passion of Captain Tom’s was engineering. I am glad to see that this passion is shared with Keighley residents, with the engineering scholarship receiving the most votes in the annual legacy project category. I really hope that Captain Tom’s legacy will be cemented for years to come in Keighley with an engineering scholarship to help children from underprivileged backgrounds.”

The commission has met to discuss the results and the next step.

“A decision will now have to be made about what memorial and annual legacy project is taken forward – considering the survey results, the cost implications and the viability of the projects,” added Mr Moore. “The commission is also keen that whatever projects are taken ahead have the blessing of Captain Sir Tom’s family and the foundation, who have been consulted closely during this process.”