A PET-store giant – which has an outlet in Keighley – is warning cat and dog owners to prepare for ‘the flea season’.

Jollyes says the period between spring and September is when cats and dogs are most at risk of picking-up fleas, ticks and worms – which can be life-threatening.

Figures show that pet ownership has soared during lockdown.

Now Jollyes, whose Keighley store is in Hard Ings Road, is urging people who have bought a cat or dog to ensure their pet is treated to protect it against unwanted pests.

Natasha Wisbey, for Jollyes, said: “Warmer weather in recent years has made for a more intense flea season, so owners need to be on alert now that spring has arrived.

“For dogs in particular, the dangers of picking-up fleas, ticks and worms will increase as their owners take them out more during the easing of lockdown restrictions.

“The disruption caused by lockdown means lots of pets may be going unprotected because they haven’t been to the vets, so it’s vital for their welfare that owners line-up treatment now. Fleas can cause skin irritation which can become serious.”

Jollyes has launched a new range of treatments endorsed by the PDSA animal charity, which will receive a 10p donation for every product sold.