FIRE chiefs have issued a warning after a candle left burning unattended sparked a blaze alert at a Keighley house.

A postie raised the alarm after spotting the candle starting to burn out of control on the windowsill of a property in North Dean Road.

Firefighters from Keighley, alerted at 9.30am today, attended.

"The occupants had gone out and inadvertently left the candle burning," said Dom Creed, crew commander at Keighley fire station.

"Fortunately the postman spotted it, otherwise the consequences could have been a lot more serious.

"A family member had turned-up with a key when we arrived and we were able to remove the candle outside.

"There was no damage to the property.

"If you use a candle or tea light, please do not leave it unattended and always remember to extinguish it."