PLANS to introduce a 20 miles per hour zone – plus traffic-calming measures – across an area of Keighley have been welcomed.

Bradford Council is proposing to implement the new speed restriction for motorists in more than 60 streets at Ingrow.

There will also be speed bumps or tables installed at some locations.

The planned move follows concerns raised within the community about speeding traffic.

A council spokesman said: “The proposed speed restrictions are necessary to improve the safety of all road users, amid concerns about the speed of traffic on the relevant sections of these roads.

“It is anticipated that the introduction of the 20mph speed limit will ensure safer vehicular and pedestrian movements.”

A consultation being carried out by the council ends this Friday (May 7).

Among those who supports the plans is Mrs Annette Campbell, headteacher of Ingrow Primary School.

The school is on a section of Broomhill Avenue which currently has no 20mph speed restriction or traffic-calming measures, but is included in the proposal.

“We’re in the unusual position for a school of being surrounded by three roads,” said Mrs Campbell.

“From the Co-op store further up Broomhill Avenue, right down, there are no traffic-calming measures.

“We have nothing at present to slow traffic outside the school.”

A site meeting – including councillors, the chairman of governors and a Bradford Council highways representative – took place just before Christmas to discuss traffic issues. Parking has also been an issue, and yellow-zig-zag lines outside the school were extended.

Mrs Campbell added: “I welcome anything that will help keep our children safe – and the introduction of the new speed limit and traffic-calming has got to be a good thing. We are also trying to get a new crossing patrol person at the top of the road.”

The speed-reduction proposals are also welcomed by district ward councillor Paul Godwin.

He said: “This issue of speeding traffic was raised with me at a surgery soon after I was elected. We then met with council officers to see what could be done.

“I am delighted that the measures are being introduced – it shows local democracy in action.”

Streets featured in the proposal also include a section of Queens Road, which is already partly covered by a 20mph limit and speed bumps – including outside St Joseph’s Primary School.

Also included are the full lengths of Ashbourne Road, Ingrow Lane, Grafton Road, Lawnswood Road and Exley Road.

Further information can be found at, search Ashbourne Road.