HOUSEHOLDERS in South Craven are being urged to get composting.

North Yorkshire County Council pledged its support for International Compost Awareness Week.

And the authority is encouraging residents to do their bit “towards creating a more sustainable world”.

The theme for this year’s awareness week was Grow, Eat, Compost, Repeat.

“It promoted the importance of composting and the use of compost in growing healthier food, supporting healthier soils and – ultimately – creating a more sustainable world,” said County Councillor Andrew Lee, executive member for waste management.

“You may be surprised at how much of your waste can be composted at home.

“More than a third of the contents of the average rubbish bin can easily be composted. Fruit and vegetable peelings, crushed eggshells, paper, card and garden waste are all compostable. Even vacuum cleaner contents and small pet bedding can go in. That could make a big impact on the amount you are putting in your rubbish bin.”

The county council is offering cut-price compost bins to residents and free advice from North Yorkshire Rotters volunteers, who spread the word about composting and reducing food waste.

Subsidised bins are available in two sizes – a 330-litre bin for £15 or a 220-litre version at £12. There is also a buy one/get one half price offer to encourage people to team-up with a family member, friend or neighbour. Delivery costs £6.99 per order.

For further information and to buy a bin, visit or call 0800 316 4454, quoting reference NYC01L.

Bins in the 330-litre size are also available – for £15 – from household waste recycling centres, including the Skipton site. The offer is limited to two bins per household and payment must be by credit or debit card. The bins are only available to North Yorkshire residents.

County Councillor Lee added: “Last year, we subsidised 1,117 compost bins so residents could start or expand home composting systems. That’s a huge number of people recycling waste and making a difference to the environment in their own gardens.”

For more about home composting, visit