ATTENTION please, to whoever is elected our new West Yorkshire mayor and councillors in Bradford and Keighley after this weekend's counts.

Now is your opportunity to correct an error about to be made with the location of the new police station in Keighley and the creation of a Town Centre Park to form a central square in Keighley similar to, but smaller than, the City Park in Bradford.

The current suggested location fronts onto Cavendish Street and simply replaces a 1960s concrete office block which housed the Keighley College building. The site has no great merits other than being near the bus station.

Why not be bold and move it less than a hundred metres onto the site which is currently vacant and bounded by Lord Street, Alice Street and North Street (please see the illustration map)? This then creates at least three benefits.

First it enables the new Town Centre Park to stretch down Cavendish Street and link better with the Town Hall Square. Secondly it enables the new police station to have a grand frontage overlooking the new park. Thirdly it enables better vehicular access to and from the police station and also surrounds the new park with more attractive buildings than it currently enjoys.

Almost every attractive town and city across Europe is centred around a major square. Keighley has never benefited from such planning foresight and now is the opportunity to create a grand centre for our town.

David Petyt, Oakworth

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