LABOUR retained control of Bradford Council following the elections.

The party has 51 of the 90 seats.

But the Conservatives replicated some of the successes the party saw nationally, welcoming seven new councillors.

Among those who lost their seats to Tory candidates were two long-serving Keighley-district councillors, Adrian Farley and Adrian Naylor.

Mr Farley, who had represented Keighley West for Labour since 2012, was defeated by just six votes.

Julie Ann Glentworth took the seat, with 1,556.

“We fought an honest campaign,” said Mr Farley, who was the council’s executive member for children and families.

“I’m devastated at the outcome.

“Keighley West is where my family and friends live and the place I grew-up.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to represent the ward over the last nine years.”

Mr Naylor, who was an independent councillor, had served Craven ward on the council since 2006.

He finished fourth in the poll, which Peter Clarke topped with 2,010 votes.

Mr Naylor said: “It has been a great honour and privilege to represent the people of Addingham, Silsden and Steeton with Eastburn as their district councillor. I would like to thank all those who have helped me over the years.”

In Keighley Central, two seats were up for grabs due to the death in December of councillor and former Lord Mayor of Bradford Abid Hussain.

Cllr Hussain’s son, Mohsin Hussain, will take on the seat left vacant by his father after gaining the most votes in the ward. The other candidate elected was Mohammed Nazam, for the Conservatives.

Malcolm Slater for Labour and Conservative Russell Brown retained their seats, in Keighley East and Worth Valley respectively.

And two seats were contested in Bingley Rural, following the death earlier this year of Mike Ellis. Conservative candidates Sally Jane Birch and Naveed Riaz were elected.

After the results were announced, council leader Cllr Susan Hinchcliffe said: “Looking at the national picture, I’m pleased that Labour has done better in Bradford district than in other parts of the country.

“I want to thank the people of the district for putting their faith in us to lead again through challenging times.

“Naturally I am sad to lose Adrian Farley – and Rosie Watson – both of whom were exceptional councillors who have served their constituents with the utmost integrity and dedication over the last few years. They deserve our thanks and I hope they will continue to contribute to civic life.

“Now we need to quickly get on with the job of post-pandemic recovery, creating jobs and regenerating our towns and cities.”

The Conservative group leader, Worth Valley councillor Rebecca Poulsen, said she was delighted to welcome seven new councillors.

“They have all campaigned passionately to represent their communities and be strong voices at City Hall,” she said.

“Across the district we have run local campaigns for each area with a strong team of candidates. In Keighley constituency we gained extra seats in Keighley West, Craven and Keighley Central and returned my colleague Russell Brown here in Worth Valley – which were fantastic results. It was a great team effort with amazing support from Robbie Moore MP to all the candidates.

“Without exception we set out a positive vision for the future, which chimed with the electorate. I’d like to thank everyone who supported our candidates – and for those who didn’t support us, we will renew our efforts so you do next time.

“Naturally we didn’t win everywhere and we will reflect on the reasons behind that and ensure we learn lessons for the elections next year.”

Meanwhile, Tracy Brabin – Labour MP for Batley & Spen – won the West Yorkshire mayoral election.

After no candidate passed the 50 per cent threshold in first preference votes, it then went to second preference votes, which saw Ms Brabin beat Conservative candidate Matt Robinson.

Referendums also took place over neighbourhood plans for Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury, and Steeton with Eastburn and Silsden. Both polls were in favour.

Cllr Tito Arana, acting chairman of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council and chairman of the neighbourhood development plan steering group, said: “So the years of hard work by the steering committee finally paid off and we believe that the parish residents will now have their voice heard when planning applications are considered by Bradford Council.

“The hard work delivering the aims and ambitions of the plan now begins.

“We are grateful to all of those people who voted in favour of adopting the plan and trust that their faith in the future of the parish is well-founded.”

Full Keighley-district election results:

* Bingley Rural (two seats)

Sally Jane Birch Conservative 3427 (33%)

Naveed Riaz Conservative 2417 (24%)

Brandon Alec Henderson Labour 1268 (12%)

Abdul Wahid Malik Labour 1047 (10%)

Brian Newham Green Party 563 (5%)

Hawarun Nessa Hussain Green Party 421 (4%)

Helen Baranowski Liberal Democrats 417 (4%)

Kay Kirkham Liberal Democrats 393 (4%)

Robert Douglas Beckwith Independent 300 (3%)

* Craven

Peter William Clarke Conservative 2010 (32%)

Caroline Whitaker Green Party 1691 (27%)

Val Carroll Labour 1106 (18%)

Adrian Paul Naylor Independent 956 (15%)

Peter John Kaye The Yorkshire Party 430 (7%)

Paul Michael Mann Liberal Democrats 88 (1%)

* Keighley Central (two seats)

Mohsin Hussain Labour 3412 (29%)

Mohammed Nazam Conservative 2400 (20%)

Javaid Akhtar Independent 2143 (18%)

Christine Ann Chapman Labour 2096 (18%)

Clare Alison Abberton Conservative 1063 (9%)

James Jonathan Whitaker Green Party 261 (2%)

Alyson Claire Telfer Green Party 198 (2%)

Pauline Heather Allon Liberal Democrats 111 (1%)

Thomas Robert Franks Liberal Democrats 82 (1%)

* Keighley East

Malcolm Slater Labour 2355 (48%)

Stuart Fraser Currie Conservative 1963 (40%)

Swami Anahata Green Party 230 (5%)

Bob Buxton The Yorkshire Party 230 (5%)

Bob Jones Liberal Democrats 85 (2%)

Jake Anthony Shoulder Trade Unionist 28 (1%)

Alexander Richard Vann Social Democratic Party 9 (0%)

* Keighley West

Julie Ann Glentworth Conservative 1556 (40%)

Adrian Stuart Farley Labour 1550 (40%)

Dom Bower The Yorkshire Party 184 (5%)

Jane Lee Independent 160 (4%)

Brian Richard Ford Green Party 119 (3%)

Ian Bannister United Kingdom Independence Party 102 (3%)

Caroline Rosemary Jones Liberal Democrats 66 (2%)

Leo Alexander Robinson The For Britain Movement 55 (1%)

Alexander Taylor Social Democratic Party 50 (1%)

* Worth Valley

Russell Brown Conservative 2791 (60%)

Umar Farooq Ghafoor Labour 845 (18%)

Janet Ann Russell Green Party 498 (11%)

Paul Richard Wilson Liberal Democrats 318 (7%)

Joanna Saxton Kaye The Yorkshire Party 222 (5%)