PEOPLE are being urged to check the security of their sheds and garages following a break-in in Keighley.

Intruders broke a padlock to gain access to an outbuilding at Whinfield Drive.

The door was left open, but nothing appeared to have been stolen.

In the wake of the incident, on May 1, West Yorkshire Police are advising householders to ensure they have adequate security.

Advice includes:

* If you have a home alarm system consider extending it to the garage to deter intruders, or fit a separate garage alarm

* Don’t show criminals what’s inside – cover glass to prevent offenders being able to see the contents of the shed or garage or use frosted glass

* Lock large items together, which makes it harder for them to be removed in bulk

* Consider closed-shackle padlocks as they protect your shed from being broken into with bolt croppers and saws

* Add coach bolts and clutch screws to the shed hinges or consider a shed bar, which fits across the door and frame and locks in position

* Mark items with your name/contact number/postcode to improve the chances of getting them back in the event of loss or theft