KEIGHLEY dog owners are being urged to take steps to protect their pooch during warm weather.

With summer on the horizon and people heading out more as lockdown eases, the Kennel Club has issued advice to owners.

The organisation warns people against walking their dogs during the hottest parts of the day. It adds that dogs must never be left in cars ­– even with a window down – and they should always have access to water and a shaded spot.

Nick Sutton, for the Kennel Club, said: “Whilst we might enjoy the sunshine, it’s important for owners to remember that dogs aren’t as good at dealing with hot weather as we are.

“When they’re hot, dogs mostly cool down by panting, but sometimes this just isn’t enough. As their temperature rises, it can make them very unwell and this can be fatal.

“Many people know that it’s absolutely vital to never leave your dog in a hot car, but around 75 per cent of cases of heatstroke are as a result of exercise – with most occurring in the summer. Some dogs are more at risk of heatstroke, including overweight dogs and flat-faced breeds like bulldogs, French bulldogs and pugs. Knowing the signs of heatstroke and getting your dog to the vets early if they are affected can drastically improve their chance of survival.”

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