A HAWORTH company is investing in new machinery and computer software.

Airedale Springs is expanding its range of CNC coiling and wire-forming equipment.

The firm says the addition of a new machine known as a Wafios FMU 16 will enable production capacity to be increased.

Chairman, Tim Parkinson, said: “We only use cutting-edge technology to make our springs and wire forms, so opting for the Wafios FMU 16 was an easy decision.

“It is designed to produce torsion and extension springs and it’s also incredibly versatile for small battery springs. These are some of the most popular products we manufacture, so we’re thrilled at the opportunity to further improve our output.

“Getting a brand new machine will help us to carry on meeting – and exceeding – the demands and needs of our clients.”

The Wafios can create wire forms with a diameter of just 0.4mm to 1.6mm, meaning it’s able to cater for a variety of industries.

Airedale Springs has also introduced software known as enterprise resource planning – or ERP – which will manage and simplify processes.