FARMERS across the district are being warned about the dangers of overhead power lines.

Electricity distributor Northern Powergrid is urging farmers and their workers to take extra care – and to know what to do should an emergency arise.

The company says there are numerous incidents across the country every year where farm machinery comes into contact with – or gets too close to – power lines, putting lives at risk.

“Our power lines carry up to 132,000 volts so it is extremely important that people working on farmland are aware of where the lines are and fully risk-assess on each and every occasion,” said Northern Powergrid safety engineer, Andrew Dudman.

“It’s also vital that anyone working on land near our network knows they don’t have to make contact with our equipment to receive a shock – getting too close is enough.

“Our message is about making sure farmers not only know to look-up and stay away from power lines, but also that they know what to do in an emergency if the worst happens.”

A free safety pack has been produced, which contains an air-freshener and cab stickers for inside vehicles featuring potentially life-saving advice and details of what to do in an emergency.

For more information and a pack, visit or email