NORTHERN Powergrid is getting animated to promote the electricity safety message this summer.

The region’s network operator is using an online animation throughout the school holidays to highlight dangers.

Parents and guardians are being urged to watch the film and discuss the issues with their children.

Gareth Pearson, for Northern Powergrid, said: “With children likely to be out and about more in their community during the school holidays – some for the first time for many months because of the pandemic – we want to ensure they stay safe and away from our power network.

“We’re urging parents, grandparents and guardians to take just a few minutes to watch our short animation and chat with their children about the potential hazards and what they should do if they accidentally kick a ball into a substation or see anything hanging from our power lines.

“It is vital young people understand that trying to retrieve any items is extremely dangerous and could be fatal. If they spot anything potentially unsafe, they must know to call 105 so they can speak to our experienced 24-hour team. Doing the right thing and avoiding the extreme risks of live electricity will help ensure everyone remains safe during the summer holidays.”

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