A DISTRICT MP has welcomed moves to raise the retirement age for judges and magistrates to 75.

A Government Bill – the Public Services Pension and Judicial Offices Bill – will up the mandatory age for retiring from the current 70.

And those forced to step down will be invited back.

The move is applauded by MP Philip Davies, who has campaigned on the issue.

“The Government previously increased the age limit for jurors to 75 and I said at the time the change needed to apply to judges and magistrates as well,” said Mr Davies, whose Shipley constituency includes Cullingworth and Denholme.

“There is no difference between being a juror and determining someone’s guilt or innocence in a serious criminal trial or ruling over the court. The only thing achieved by forcing magistrates and judges to retire at 70 is losing a wealth of experience these people offered.

“I am delighted common sense has prevailed and I hope this Bill passes through the Commons without any objections.”