WATER usage across the region has soared by nearly 200 million litres a day during the heatwave, Yorkshire Water has revealed.

The company says the extra consumption equates to the amount that would usually supply Leeds and York in an average day.

Customers are now being advised of simple steps they can take to save water during hot spells, to help the firm manage the spike in usage.

Neil Dewis, for Yorkshire Water, said: “We had a wet start to July, but the heatwave has certainly made up for it.

“We have seen a substantial increase in the amount of water people are using across the region, with lots of folk enjoying the sunshine by tending to their gardens or splashing in paddling pools.

“There are some really small ways to save water whilst it’s hot – that shouldn’t dampen your fun or cause too much hassle.

“If you’re enjoying a paddling pool then pop a fitted bed sheet over it during the night to keep the water fresh for the next day, rather than having to refill it.

“If your garden is looking a little thirsty, wait till the evening to give it a drink with a watering can – the cooler temperature gives the plants more of a chance to absorb the water and you won’t need to use as much.”

For further information and advice, visit yorkshirewater.com/your-water/save-water.