HARRY Judd – drummer with the band McFly – has become an ambassador for a brand co-created by a Keighley man.

The pop star and former Strictly Come Dancing champion is also investing in the product, ViDrate.

Launched two years ago, the flavoured health drink – which contains added vitamins and electrolytes but no sugar – proved an instant hit.

Health food retail giant Holland & Barrett became a stockist.

Plus the ViDrate company was a finalist in the ‘best new drink’ category of the Food Matters Live Awards.

Founders Nick Hird, from Keighley, and Rob Bennett-Baggs said: “When we first set-up ViDrate, we recognised the fundamental importance behind hydration and its impacts on the brain and bodily functions.

“All research points to the fact that the majority of people do not regularly drink enough water.

“ViDrate is the first zero-sugar hydration product with added vitamins and minerals and containing no artificial additives. We were told achieving this was impossible.”

They added: “We are delighted to have Harry on board.

“His belief and first-hand experience gives us confidence that he is the right partner.

“We’re excited to be working with him as we grow our flavour selection.”

Harry says he is a regular user of ViDrate and that becoming an ambassador and investing was “an easy decision”.

He added: “I drink ViDrate once or twice a day and have really seen a difference in how I feel.

“We all know we should be drinking more water but I struggled with this, so found ViDrate was perfect for staying hydrated with a tasty and enriched drink.

“Having been a paying customer for over a year and experiencing the product’s benefits first-hand, it was an easy decision to invest and become an ambassador.”

ViDrate is currently available in flavours including Lemon Lime & Mint, Mixed Berry, Strawberry & Lime, Tropical and the newly-launched Mojito.

A new Orange & Peach flavour is also available to pre-order.

In addition, there is a caffeine version designed to help give the body a boost and a night-time variety aimed at helping rest before bed.

And there is a range of other products, including clothing. Visit vidrate.co.uk.