SUPERMARKET giant Tesco – which has an Express store at Crossflatts – has linked-up with three charities to help people in this region live healthier lives.

A fundraising initiative – which runs until next Sunday (September 26) – is supporting the work in Yorkshire of Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK.

They and Tesco have formed a partnership which aims to help fund the organisation's life-saving efforts and support people to live healthier lives.

Shoppers can make a donation by rounding-up the amount they spend in-store, to the nearest £1, at self-service checkouts. All funds raised will go directly to the three charities.

Oonagh Turnbull, for Tesco, said: “Cancer, heart and circulatory diseases and type 2 diabetes are three of the biggest health challenges of our time.

“There is a need to build understanding of how to minimise certain risk factors – for example, by making healthier food choices – because this can make a big difference to your chances of these conditions in the future.”