A HAWORTH manufacturer has invested £200,000 in new machinery.

Airedale Springs says the machine, known as a Wafios FMU16+, will increase capacity and forms part of a wider plan to improve efficiency across the company.

Tim Parkinson, the firm’s chairman, said: “The Wafios FMU16+ offers a multitude of spring manufacturing technologies at a very high standard.

“It comes with an optical measuring system that provides 100 per cent quality checking of parts manufactured on the machine.

“The equipment complements our already-vast fleet of Wafios machines, bringing with it the latest technology – with a higher production rate capability. New camera technology will ensure our customers receive the best products possible.”

The machine includes options which ease the transition between different wire sizes.

And special software enables operators to design and programme parts away from computer numerical control – or CNC – machines.

A simplified programming option also serves as a valuable tool for trainees, allowing them to gain the necessary skills and confidence.