A Maltese woman who migrated to work in a Glusburn mill in the 1960s is seeking her former work colleagues for a reunion.

Grace Batey, along with other Maltese girls, travelled to England to work in Hayfield Mill, in Glusburn, after it advertised for staff.

Mrs Batey said: "We all lived in a hostel in Sunny Bank House, in Glusburn, for a few years while we worked in the mill.

"I came over in 1968 but I know that some people had been over since 1966.

"We all arrived from Malta to Hayfield Mill where they had been advertising for young girls to work in the factory.

"It would be wonderful to see them all - it is 40 years ago for me since I worked there.

"There were English and Italian girls who worked there too and I am looking forward to seeing them all."

The reunion is planned for next Saturday, January 26, at the Beeches Toby Hotel and Restaurant, in Bradford Road, Keighley, at 7.30pm.

Anyone wanting to take part in the reunion should call Mrs Batey on 07941 475882.