YOUR recent article about Barratt housebuilders promoting wildlife in Silsden has certainly given us a good laugh.

First we laughed and then inwardly cried! The housebuilder who gave us 'Gasgate' – the largest incident Northern Gas Networks has ever dealt with, leaving thousands of homes without gas for days in cold weather – went on to complete their conversion of previously green fields into a densely-built housing estate with virtually no landscaping.

Hats off to Yorkshire Wildlife Trust for helping people make the most of their gardens, and good luck to those who take-up the challenge.

But for goodness sake Barratt's, have the decency not to make any claim for enhancing wildlife. Are you kidding!? Even the most manic PR merchant must realise that they have crossed the line from persuasion over to delusion. Please tell your shareholders that this kind of caper is a shameful distortion of the truth and our language. May your share values drop to the same level as your credibility.

Mark Wogden, Silsden

* A spokesperson for Barratt Developments Yorkshire West said: "In response to comments on the gas leak that took place in Easter 2018 during the initial infrastructure phase of Saxon Dene in Silsden, Barratt Developments Yorkshire West regret the disruption this caused to the local community. Despite not being directly responsible for the issues caused by a third party contractor, we liaised with residents and worked hard to resolve the issue quickly and effectively.

“Sustainability is a key priority for us as a business. We are committed to making significant environmental contributions to the Yorkshire communities in which we build, with 18.9 hectares of green space created to support wildlife on and around our developments last year alone.

“We are committed to maintaining strong relationships with key contacts in Silsden and will continue to follow leading guidance to align with our wider group sustainability objectives and encourage and protect local wildlife.”

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