THE Hemingways dominated the action at the Yeadon-Guiseley Motor Club, none championship trial held at Addingham Moorside.

The temperature was certainly Artic on Sunday at Addingham Moorside where 53 competitors plus six small wheeler girls and boys who rode their own short course.

An icy westerley breeze chilled the main route class with several sections up on the skyline.

The fifth and seventh rock climbs took plenty of marks. Only the final section was plotted about 50 metres from Nicola's catering unit.

As far as the top class Harry Hemingway to Uncle Ben Hemingway to the cleaners.

George Hemingway and Martin Crosswaite were the best rock hoppers on the sixth.

Clubman B had an easier line. Impressive was Nigel Scott on the electric EM Epure machine that he was testing for Inch Perfect Trials.

Clubman A was a runaway for Craig Seward who got his machine round on just two penalties from Phillip Hammond and Paul Kettlewell.

Clubman B was tight at the top with Mark Longbottom, Richard Hildrick and Chris Manby split by three marks.

The Small Wheels numbers dwindle with just six competitors.

Alanna Eagleton won the middle route and certainly has the measure of the Beta. Alfie Dykes topped the easy route where fastest young lady was Bradford's Emily Petty.

Results: Hard course: Experts: 1 Ben Hemingway (Beta), 26, 2 Martin Crosswaite (Gas Gas) 37, 3 Charlie Smith (Vertigo) 45.

Youth Class B: 1 Harry Hemingway (Beta) 16, 2 George Hemingway (Beta) 48, 3 Jasper Fox (Beta) 108.

Clubman A: 1 Craig Seward 2, 2 Phillip Hammond (Sherco) 15, 3 Paul Kettlewell (Sherco) 16.

Youth Class B: 1 Connor Watson (Beta) 78, 2 Charlie Petty (Beta) 116.

Clubman B. 1 Mark Longbottom (TRS) 6, 2 Richard Hildrick (TRS) 90, 3 Chris Manby (Vertigo) 9.

Youth Class B: Jimmy Crabtree (Gas Gas) 33, 2 Oliver Petty (Beta) 50.

Youth Cass C: 1 Koby Smith 51, 2 Bobby Crabtree (Beta) 59.

Small Wheels Class C: Alanna Eagleton (Beta) 46.

Class D: 1 Alfie Dykes 44, 2 Rocco Watson 51, 3 Emily Petty 58. All Oset.