YET another theft of number plates in Keighley has sparked renewed warnings from police.

In the latest incident, last Tuesday, the rear number plate was stolen from a van parked in Thorncliffe Road, in the Fell Lane area.

The thieves also attempted to remove the front one, but were unsuccessful.

Less than three weeks earlier, the front and rear number plates were stolen from a car parked in Dalton Terrace.

And in October, a vehicle was stripped of its plates in Denby Road.

A string of such incidents have now occurred across Keighley in the past few months.

West Yorkshire Police urges motorists to consider getting their number plates fitted with tamper-proof screws.

It has also issued general crime-prevention advice to help protect your vehicle – and its contents – from theft.

Tips include never leave any valuables on show, check you car windows are closed even if you are leaving the vehicle unattended for just a few moments and don’t assume your vehicle has locked when using a key fob.

Van owners are encouraged, where possible, not to leave tools or machinery in their vehicle overnight.

Further advice can be found on the West Yorkshire Police website at