THE first national lockdown in 2020 created more time for Turkey Inn pub owners Steve Mortimer and Fay Howell to fulfill their dream of having livestock on their farm at Goose Eye on the hills above Keighley.

The couple live on the family farm just 500 metres from the inn, a pub they bought in November 2020. The farm originally belonged to Steve’s grandparents, who ran it as a dairy farm. His parents continued the interest and kept Belted Galloways when they were classified as a rare breed during the 90s and early 2000s.

Steve remembers taking hay out to the herd, as well as mucking out the sheds over winter. “I used to love feeding and mucking out the cattle with my dad and learning to drive the old grey Ferguson classic tractor he had,” he said.

Belted Galloways are now a thriving breed, having had a difficult few years including being hit hard by foot and mouth. Steve likes the breed for numerous reasons. He added: “They are a smaller cow well suited to hillside grazing so their impact on the land is reduced, meaning they can stay out in bad weather. Their beef is also of high-quality.”

It had long been a dream to own The Turkey Inn, a pub that has been Steve’s local for over 30 years and to rear livestock that could feature on the menu.

He explained: “We’re passionate about providing the best quality local produce for our pub customers and, we want to use the best meat we can on the menu. We’re also passionate about being honest regarding the origin of the food on the menu.

“Our herd live the life of Riley and feel like part of our family, they spend most of their lives in the field, having a great time. Recently, the time was right for two of them to leave the farm as part of our “field to fork project”.

"We gathered them in from the field and shared one last moment before they left the farm. We're extremely proud that not only is there total transparency on our beef supply chain but that it’s local, fresh, high-quality produce.

"For the foreseeable future, the beef you see on the menu at the Turkey Inn came from 500 metres away. It doesn't get much more local than that.

“We’ll keep growing our herd of Belted Galloway’s and see what happens.”