UPON reading the Keighley News headline regarding the cost of the 'forgotten' bridge over the Aire Valley trunk road, I can only say that the matter is becoming – or has become – a scandal.

I wrote to the Keighley News on March 13, 2019, in relation to the wasteful use of taxpayers' money on various intended activities of the – to my mind inept – council.

Over £3.7 million was spent on some (I repeat, some) feasibility studies as outlined in my published letter, the figures being obtained through the Freedom of Information Act procedure.

One of the said costs related to the aforementioned bridge 'study', the study being costed at a mouth-watering £120,000!

Now we learn that another course of studies has been instigated and the cost of the bridge – linking Steeton & Silsden – has become a figure only the said council could have the gall to disclose.

Who, why, what is the criteria behind these extraordinary figures that we the tax-paying public is expected to be satisfied with?

Perhaps someone, who is independent of the actions of this council, should be employed to check and cost the prices of the various unbelievable acts.

And please don’t mention the children’s welfare department of the said council; perhaps a reshuffle is called for.

A disgusted taxpayer.

Brian Hinchliffe, Marsh, Oxenhope

A Bradford Council spokesperson said: "The council's executive committee will receive an update on the development of the Steeton and Silsden crossing project at its meeting tomorrow (January 4).

"The executive will consider a report which sets out the background to the scheme and options, including costs and benefits. Subject to the decision taken at the meeting, there will be further work to develop the full business case which will include public consultation."

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