ACCLAIMED movie The Runaways is the first offering of the year from Keighley Film Club.

Before its recent public release, it had received award nominations at seven film festivals and won the Best Feature Film title at the High Peak Indie event.

The Runaways is written and directed by Richard Heap and produced by Mark Thomas.

Reith, played by Mark Addy, is a single dad caring for his three children – Angie (Molly Windsor), Polly (Macy Shackleton) and Ben (Rhys Connah) – and managing a donkey-ride business on Whitby beach.

Their domestic bliss is thrown into turmoil by the father's death and the arrival of an ex-convict uncle whose existence the children knew nothing about. The children flee to search for their mother Maggie (Tara Fitzgerald).

Alan Watkinson, for the film club, says: "Along with two donkeys, the children run away across the scenic North York Moors, with their uncle in hot pursuit. The children experience the harshness of homelessness and an illicit train journey in the search for their mother."

The screening is at Keighley Picture House on Sunday, January 16, at 6pm. Anyone is welcome.

It's hoped to arrange a question-and-answer session with the film production team afterwards.