KEIGHLEY-district householders are being warned to take steps to prevent frozen pipes.

Yorkshire Water says plummeting temperatures in winter bring the danger of pipework freezing and bursting, but it adds that simple measures can help guard against problems.

The company advises people to wrap pipes in foam insulation, or lagging.

If they do freeze, turn off the water at the stop tap and defrost the pipe with a hairdryer. Never use a naked flame.

Yorkshire Water looks after the region's network of underground pipelines – which are also prone to more bursts during fluctuating temperatures – but pipes in gardens and houses are generally the homeowner’s responsibility.

Martyn Hattersley, for the company, said: "We watch conditions closely as we do tend to see more bursts during a steep drop in temperature.

"We are encouraging customers to do their bit too, by reducing the likelihood of a burst in their home or business premises. The fewer leaks we have, the less water is wasted – and more is left in our pipes to 'feed' the region. It’ll also save you the inconvenience and cost of a frozen or damaged pipe."

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