Children have been unearthing historical treasures about Steeton Primary School to celebrate its centenary.

The main school building was completed in 1908 and to celebrate the anniversary, children have been looking at old class photographs and research documents about the school.

One of the most intriguing items from the collection is a punishment book from 1908, which records pupils' misdemeanours and the consequences.

Leafing through the book, Steeton head teacher Chris Newson said: "It says in here one person received four strokes on the hand for breaking a ruler.

"One child was given two strokes on each hand for lack of attention after repeated warnings'.

"The children find this book so interesting and their reaction is that this is scary, very scary.' An academic document written by a scholar about two of the school's former headmasters was also in the treasure pile.

It details facts about the leadership of Joseph Wade, who was in charge of the school from 1852-88, and Squire Thornton, who led from 1888-1922.

There is a school building on the site constructed prior to the one marking its centenary.

The document also sheds light on subjects from the contemporary curriculum to disease and attendance at the school.

Mrs Newson said: "The children have also been on visits to Saltaire to learn about the Victorians and they will dress in costume from this era at our summer fair."

The fair - from 6-7.30pm, on July 9 - will feature cheerleading, stalls and games, including throwing a sponge at a teacher - and is open to all parents and children.

It will be Mrs Newson's last summer fair before she takes early retirement.